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MBA Software for Avon & Watkins
Welcome to MBA!
Image Thanks for visiting the Marketing Business Assistant (MBA) website.  If this is your first visit here you can use the Main Menu on the left to navigate around the site.  Over time more features will be added and current ones  improved. Try before you Buy!  You can download MBA and install it on your PC (see Downloads in Main Menu). It runs without Registration Codes in "Demo Mode" (you are limited to 10 Customers and 10 Sales Orders). Take MBA for a test drive. Please note MBA is Windows only (no version for MAC or Linux).

MBA Software for Avon Reps price is $19.99 USD (Campaign Brochures are FREE to download)  Two Friends Promotion is still in effect (3 Reg. Codes for the price of 1). For complete information on the Two Friend Promotion click on News in the Main Menu.  Free Promo Calendar Software still included with MBA Registration.  As with the Two Friends promotion check News in the Main Menu for complete details.

To purchase MBA for Avon click on the Buy Now button directly below the Main menu.  Registration Codes will be emailed within 24 hours or next business day.  You can update the Demo version to a full registered version simply by entering the Codes in the Setup window.  You don't need to download and install a second time, it's just that easy. We don't charge for downloading Price Lists/Brochures.  The Promo Code will work with all Promo Software.  There is only the Promo Calendar for now but more will be out later this year, free of course.
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Tell Two Friends Promotion

Friends HELP! HELP! We need to build awareness for MBA software with Avon Sales Reps so we are having a Promotion.  To do this we are expanding on our great low $19.99 (USD) price to make it even better.  Do you remember that old shampoo commercial where they said "You tell two friends and they will tell two friends"?
You buy one MBA  and we will give you two EXTRA registration codes for your friends.
You can give the two extra codes away (Leadership) or split the cost of MBA three ways, we don't care which.  You simply buy MBA and we send you your registration codes.  Email us back your Customer Number with the names and email addresses of your two friends and we will email them their codes along with instructions (send to sales @  You can send the names together or one at a time.  You have 90 days from the time of your purchase to email us your friends names.  Full instructions will be included with your Registration codes. We assume these are your Friends and you know them. Please make sure they haved downloaded and tried the MBA program on their PC before sending a request for them to be emailed codes. Two Friends codes are supplied at no extra charge, we send two (2) only so please deal with people you can trust. If your Friends Codes get lost in email we don't mind sending an extra copy but we don't send to additional people beyond the first Two names you send us.

All though we haven’t set an ending date as yet this is a limited time promotion.  We will give a minimum of seven (7) days notice here before ending the promotion. Just check back here to see if the promotion is still running.

Thank you for helping spread the word.

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